Flight of the Phoenix

LaFevers, R.L., 2009
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Medienart Buch
ISBN 978-0-547-23865-4
Verfasser LaFevers, R.L. Wikipedia
Beteiligte Personen Murphy, Kelly [Ill.] Wikipedia
Systematik 5An - Animals
Schlagworte Abenteuer, Englische Jugendliteratur, Magie, Junge
Verlag Houghton Mifflin
Ort Boston
Jahr 2009
Umfang 137 S.
Altersbeschränkung keine
Reihe Nathaniel Fludd, Beastologist
Reihenvermerk 1
Sprache englisch
Verfasserangabe R.L. LaFevers ; Kelly Murphy
Illustrationsang III.
Annotation Nathaniel Fludd's life has taken a turn for the worst. With his parents lost at sea, he lands on the doorstep of a distant cousin - the world's last remaining beastologist. Soon Nate is whisked off on his first expedition, to Arabia, where the world's only phoenix prepares to lay its new egg. When disaster strikes, Nate quickly finds himself all alone. Will he be able to see the phoenix safely hatched, keep his accidental pet gremlin out of trouble, and rescue his guardian from the Bedouin? If he fails, nothing will stand between the world's mythical creatures and extinction. Too bad Nate's not the sort of boy who enjoys adventure...yet. Ab 10 J.


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