The Bad Beginning

Snicket, Lemony, 1999
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Medienart Buch
ISBN 978-0-06-440766-3
Verfasser Snicket, Lemony Wikipedia
Beteiligte Personen Helquist, Bret [Ill.] Wikipedia
Systematik 5MC - Mystery & Crime
Schlagworte Abenteuer, Englische Jugendliteratur, Humor, Geschwister
Verlag Harper Collings Publisher
Ort London
Jahr 1999
Umfang 162 S.
Altersbeschränkung keine
Reihe A Series of Unfortunate Events
Reihenvermerk 1
Sprache englisch
Verfasserangabe Lemony Snicket ; Bret Helquist
Annotation Make no mistake. The Bad Beginning begins badly for the three Baudelaire children, and then gets worse. Their misfortunes begin one gray day on Briny Beach when Mr. Poe tells them that their parents perished in a fire that destroyed their whole house.But of course what follows is dreadful. The children thought it was bad when the well-meaning Poes bought them grotesque-colored clothing that itched. But when they are ushered to the dilapidated doorstep of the miserable, thin, unshaven, shiny-eyed, money-grubbing Count Olaf, they know that they--and their family fortune--are in real trouble. Still, they could never have anticipated how much trouble. (ab 10 J.)


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